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4 Rivers Surveying Inc. is a well rounded land surveying firm, servicing all your surveying and geospatial needs. We specialize in all aspects of surveying for the energy sector. Our portfolio includes; oil and gas pipeline transmission, power transmission, wind farms, airports, environmental sites, substations, and compressor stations. Large scale, multi-state corridor surveys are our forte.

We provide a field to a finished product for corridor surveys to include boundary, scanning, control network, base mapping, construction staking, and easement legal descriptions.

1. Veriforce certified pipeline locators
2. Veriforce pipeline locator certified evaluators
3. National Compliance Management Services (NCMS) drug testing certified
4. Pipeline Testing Consortium (PTC) drug testing certified
5. ISNet World certified safety compliance company

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4 Rivers Surveying Inc. (4RS) is a complete package land surveying firm. We also team with selected engineers and other professionals and provide every needed land surveying and engineering design service in the energy sector. We will go anywhere and do it all.